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Calligraphy Writing In Punjabi

Punjabi - online encyclopedia writing systems , Details of the gurmukhi and shahmukhi scripts and the punjabi language, which is spoken mainly in india and pakistan.. Useful punjabi phrases - omniglot, Useful punjabi phrases. a collection of useful phrases in punjabi in the gurmukhi and shahmukhi scripts, and transliterated. click on any of the phrases that are. What word writing? - wordhippo, What's another word for writing? here's a list of synonyms for this word.. Mongolian writing systems - wikipedia, Many alphabets have been devised for the mongolian language over the centuries, and from a variety of scripts. the oldest, called simply the mongolian script, has. Hentaigana - wikipedia, In the japanese writing system, hentaigana (変体仮名?, "variant kana") are obsolete or nonstandard hiragana. they include both stylistic variants of current. Surrey library home, Surrey public library home page translation – explanation and caution. the electronic translation service on surrey libraries' website is hosted by google.

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